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The best healthy & vegan restaurants in Athens

4 Απριλίου 2018 17:31
The best healthy & vegan restaurants in Athens


69 Grigoriou Labraki Str., Glyfada, T. 210 9648512

By Katerina Fotopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

YI It made its first appearance in the culinary scene of Glyfada two years ago and it has already managed to stand out due to its exclusively vegan raw cuisine. Yi Restaurant introduces us to its easy-going philosophy from the first instance upon entering its elegant space which gives out a cool aura and when tasting its dishes which reserve exceptional surprises even for those who have never tasted similar suggestions. The ovens, the pots and the frying pans have no place here, while its recipes have “exiled” animal products, gluten and lactose. All recipes find their basis on fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and superfoods, which are transformed into the most nutritional ingredients. The day starts with refreshing smoothies and detox juices made of fruits and vegetables –many of which arrive directly from the garden on the backside of the premises– coffees and hot drinks from aromatic herbs as well as breakfasts that will fill you with energy. The day continues with a well curated menu with vegan raw options. Cold salads and imaginative starters, noodles from pumpkin, wraps made of seed and filled with vegetables, pizzas and tarts based on nuts and sprouts and many more options compose its card full of freshness and healthy nutrients! Plus, the desserts tasting very similar to the ones we are used to. From €15. Daily 08:30-00:00.


All ingredients are prepared from scratch using special techniques such as dehydration.

Nice n Easy

60 Omirou Str. & Skoufa Str., Kolonaki, Athens, T. 210 3617201 - 7 Papadiamanti Str., Kifissia, Τ. 210 8082014 – Alefkantra Sq., Mykonos Town, Τ. 22890 25421, www.niceneasy.gr

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

When in 2008 it made its debut in Kolonaki as the first organic bistro in Greece, it was a pioneer for its time. Today, along with its “siblings” in Kifissia and Mykonos, it has every reason to take pride in introducing to the people of Athens the ultimate farm to table experience!

It is the first authentic organic bistro that has been established in the gastronomic map of Athens, fully embracing the philosophy of healthy eating-healthy living. Of course its success was not accidental! The people behind this inspired idea, Dimitris Christoforidis and the chef Christos Athanasiadis aimed, from the very beginning, not only to meet different nutritional needs, but also to demolish the common belief that organic is not affordable. That is why they have travelled to the most remote villages and islands of the country to bring traditional organically produced ingredients from fair trade farms to a value for money menu that informs us about the nutritional value of the dishes as well as the origin of the ingredients, most of which are Greek, pure, fresh, healthy ... and cooked the way our mom used to!And all this effort has been justified not only through the love of the people but also with the unique distinction at this year’s European Business Awards! Among the loyal customers of Nice n Easy are not only health food enthusiasts but also individuals belonging to special groups (diabetics, vegans, athletes) who are looking for an authentic bio organic experience that starts from the morning with a health- oriented breakfast (daily 10:00-14:00), tonic smoothies, detox beverages, and continues with dishes and recipes hat do not lack in nutritional value nor in flavor, as they combine their ingredients in such a way that the benefits are multiplied. Besides the… raw options and the exquisite salads –must is considered the super anitioxidant “Ava Gardner” (in regular and individual portions)– the “oskar” in pasta has been won by “Robert de Niro” (cockerel from Naxos with tagliatelle) and “Jack Nicholson” (bucatini with pecorino and smoked pancetta), while in the main courses the “Frank Sinatra” (Black Angus tagliata) is in the lead with the “Sean Connery” (fresh salmon) and the light “Pamela Anderson” (turkey fillet burgers) fighting for the preference of the female crowd! Extra: The menu of Mykonos' restaurant is completely gluten free. From €25. Daily 9:00-01:30.


• The updated list of organic wines and the wide range of Greek beers.

• The signature cocktail list!


• Their own buffalo farm at lake Kerkini.

• Some of them low-calorie, other antioxidant-rich and fiber-rich, and others meant to enhance heart function, all the menu dishes are caloriemonitored by nutritionist Christina Kostara.

• Vegan options such as the ultra slimming noodles “Brigitte Bardot” from konjac roots with vegetables, the… guilt-free burger (with roast portobello) and the avocado on the grill!

• Gluten-free options.


23 Dekeleon Str., Gazi, Athens, Τ. 210 3474423

By Katerina Rigou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

It was last December when Alkistis Alexandratou and Demy Georgiou decided to proceed with their innovative business project which would communicate a whole lifestyle through food. This is none other than the vegan philosophy reflected to gastronomy. Both of them vegan, with real knowledge on the subject, both used to work in conventional cuisines –Demy is Lime’s Chef–, until they discovered that the healthy, eco-friendly and activist nutrition can also become rather tasty! Following a period of experimentation with great love for their project, both girls now welcome us to the colorful, warm and cozy space of the Bistro with its open kitchen and present to us a menu with food our mum would make. Pure ingredients, all handmade and fresh, prepared in the premises with gourmet touches and exceptional quality. The menu is vegan, gluten free and sugar free offering delicious delicacies, an outcome of their experimentation with the ingredients and the combinations. The ingredients, which are mostly prepared here from scratch, are organic products maintaining all their flavors and nutritional value. The seasonal vegan menu influenced by the raw food diet and with basic ingredients such as nuts, their oils, mushrooms, beans which respectivelyreplace cheese, butter, milk and meat, changes every 3 months following the know- ow not only of the mixtures but also of the fine execution. After all, the guests, according to them, are mostly not vegan. Certainly it is addressed to people who not only like healthy nutrition but also look for delicious suggestions. Wed.-Sun. 12:00-00:00.

Must taste

Burger with freshly kneaded gluten free bread and handmade patties made of mushrooms and nuts, fresh tarts for raw foodists, different every day, almond "mizithra" cheese equally soft as the normal version, dakos with carob tree rusk and gluten free pasta with wild mushrooms, macadamia cream and truffle oil. Most dishes are served with spouts and fresh flowers.


The magnificent yard on the back, which was recently launched!

Must try

The exceptional vegan delicious brunch every first Sunday of the month (12:00- 15:00) as well as the desserts of the day.


• Its coffee is fair trade & organic.

• The space is strictly non smoking.



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