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Athens food & drink alternative hotspots

11 Απριλίου 2018 12:47
Athens food & drink alternative hotspots

Hotel Chelsea

1 Archimidou Str., Pagrati, Athens, Τ. 210 7563374

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

A young couple, Eva and Giorgos, had a dream to create a hangout where they could welcome their friends. Their journeys around the world provided them with the inspiration for the name (inspired by the homonymous hotel in New York) and the courage to open the first all-day bar, upgrading at the same time the Plastira square into a popular meeting spot. Casual, friendly and unpretentious, makes everyone feel welcome and familiar, from guys with ties to alternative artists. Hotel Chelsea is our choice for many reasons, but most of all we fancy that its relaxed mood is perfectly dalanced with its professionalism, that its decoration gives out a homey feeling and that its “active” vibes have made it a meeting point for all hours and the wider area a piazza. Daily 09:00- 04:00.


The hip black music and the different Djs hosted daily.

Mavros Gatos

42 Koletti Str., Exarchia, Athens, Τ. 210 3800518

By Katerina Rigou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

An atmospheric street bar which already counts seven years of presence amongst the favorite hangouts in Exarcheia, and equivalent years of success maintaining a consistent style and philosophy. Although open since early in the morning for fine coffee, particularly at its outdoor seats on the walkway, its real trump card is its evening entertainment. With obvious American influences, so much in its design as well as its music, Mavros Gatos has developed fans who have turned it into their regular meeting point. Apart from its unique music choices, mainly of the previous decades, other impressive elements are the DJs choices from classic rock to blues, jazz, ’80s and ’90s, the friendly atmosphere, the large bright photograph of Chicago, the imposing 12- eter long bar, the huge mirror on the background under the hanging lamps reminiscent of the prohibition era, as well as the delicious drinks and cocktails from its updated cellar. Daily 10:00-as late as it gets.


The amazing themed music events and parties with scheduled those every Wednesday.

Must try

From its signature cocktail list, curated by Panos Kouboulis, try the Crujiente de Manzana. A sweet and sour combination of premium Zubrowka with apple, fresh lime juice, cinnamon and Aigina pistachio flavors and mousse from matured mango (photo).


44 Mavromichali Str., Exarchia, Athens, Τ. 210 3647936

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

Lately, a wagtail flies around the underground area of Exarchia. It’s the namesake brand new hangout with a high-ceiling industrial space, showered in natural light throughout the day thanks to its wide glass windows, combining unpretentious atmosphere with quality food in affordable prices. Thus, a modern tavern open from early in the morning for good specialty coffee, juices and original breakfasts (such as sandwiches, omelets and poached eggs). However, its strong card is its imaginative meze composed of authentic flavors. Exceptional side dishes for tsipouro or wine, the Cretan rusk made of locust bean with mackerel fish, marinated anchovy and brown trout, an Atlantic bonito sashimi with botargo and the octopus carpaccio with crithmum, while recipes from its catalogue such as the “petoura” pasta with preserved pork and other dishes of the day celebrate the Greek tradition. For the end, handmade desserts offer the sweetest closure to an unexpected culinary experience. At the end of the day, give a date here for an evening cocktail from a list with a Greek twist! Non smoking space. Daily from 09:00 (13:00- 01:00 the kitchen).


• More than 50 labels, including wine of their own production from the family vineyard, perfectly accompanying a large variety of Greek sausages and cheeses.

• The tables at the flowery walkway with a view of the urban landscape of the area.

The Party

31 Karaiskaki Str. Psiri, Athens, Τ. 210 3231251, www.thepartybar.gr

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

Inspired by the Hollywood comedy series of ’68, the Party, located on one of the most vibrant streets of Psyrri, shares its positive vibes with its playful decoration of cartoon touches and vivid colors, but most of all with its fun attitude! Launched in 2010, since last year opens also during the morning with fine coffee, quality hot drinks, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, which we enjoy, weather permitting, seated at the tables on the paved street which resemble a French bistro. In the evening, we renew our date around the bar, choosing a drink or a cocktail from the updated bar listening to jazz, funk and soul music. The fun during weekends justifies its name! Daily 10:00- 02:00. Fri. & Sat. 10:00-04:00.


• Its coffee originates from the famous Cafe Sant’ Eustachio in Rome!

• Its homemade sangria recipe with apple and orange.

• The namesake cocktail.


19 Miaouli Str., Psyrri, Athens, Τ. 210 3244046

This tiny disco-café, a category by itself, was one of the first to open on Miaouli Street (the main street of Psyrri). Stands out for its undefined music choices (from retro jazz to minimal house) and its cult space with dozens vintage decorative items. This year we find it renovated. Revamped is also its product list. Next to homemade honeyed raki, a steady value over the last 16 years, created with selfproduced raki and organic honey, there are also saffron sprayed raki, baked raki made with the authentic recipe of Amorgos, as well as local cocktails based on the Cretan… whiskey (aged raki)! Ideally accompanied by Cretan meze plates, such as dakos (barley rusk with tomato and feta), marinated oiled cheese from Mytilene and fennel pies, possibly listening to Richie Hawti. As for the early hours, Psyrra moves in more casual rhythms, serving Greek coffee, homemade lemonade (a recipe with honey and ginger), as well as a wide variety of unique beverages! Daily from 11:00.


Apart from Greek herbs, here we also find international choices, from Argentinean Mate and Anijsmelk from Netherlands to Asian Masala!


10 Protogenous Str., Athens, T. 210 3228658

The frequency of Tranzistor transmits for the last 7 years with such a loud volume that it has unwillingly created a new spot in the urban alley of Protogenous street! This unique bistroteque, as it calls itself, constantly experiments with new music options as well as with new decorative directions (a mix & match of industrial elements with retro touches). This year it has chosen a more Mediterranean atmosphere with wood and climbing plants creating a vivid feeling of an indoor garden. In this cozy and friendly environment, the day begins early in the morning with coffee, homemade lemonade, hot drinks. During lunchtime, its small but inspired card gets enriched with dishes of the day (pasta and risotto) and attracts all the attention. As night falls, the store is transformed into a vibrant bar with various DJs adding their musical touches. Daily from 11:00 (kitchen open 11:00-00:00).


• Its breakfast, daily served, with fried eggs and strapatsada being the top choices.

• Its burger, the ultimate best seller


If you are lucky enough, you may stumble across one of its exhibitions or hosting events.


50 Sarri Str., Athens, M. 6972 864107

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

Paying tribute to the legendary Quinta of Fokionos Negri Street with its name, the modern version on Sarri street has become the reason to return to Psyrri. The new all-day hangout impresses since October with its space, combining a simplistic modern aesthetic with an impressive neoclassic building of 1923 in which it is housed (the decoration and renovation was designed by Artemis Grimbla and Giorgos Syrmas). Vintage furniture, restored Viennese chairs, plaster rosettes and concrete tiles are merged together harmoniously to create a hospitable and homey environment. The store’s regulars, amongst them many actors, enjoy their morning coffee or brunch in the hidden interior patio, continuing until the evening with a menu influenced by Italian cuisine by chef Christos Tsakiridis. In the evening, the bar celebrates its signature cocktails and its list with wines by organic micro-wineries from the Cycladic islands. Daily 11:00-as late as it gets (the kitchen until 01:00).


• The brunch (daily 11:00-18:00) and the exceptional offer of 3 items of our choice accompanied by a beverage in the price of €10!

• The hidden green interior patio furnished with authentic fer forze.

Koupa Libre

19 Herakleidon Str., Athens, T. 210 3462099

By Christos Aivaliotis. Photos: Kostas Kapareliotis

Thissio is the ideal place to have carefree walks and spend sunny afternoons – especially Sunday afternoons. Koupa Libre on the quiet pedestrian Herakleidon Street (hidden from the bustling Aghiou Pavlou Street) has become, for a year now, the perfect occasion to visit the historic neighborhood. The new age café continues its successful course as an all day place and welcomes us to its playful decor resembling... an adult playground. A prominent place is held for the special coffee blends from Ethiopia and Brazil (must drink the cold filter coffee), accompanied by handmade sweets and delicious breakfasts. At lunchtime we have the freshly cooked dishes, while in the evening wines, beers and beverages of wine mixed with honey flow in abundance. Daily 08:00-as late as it gets.


From the menu you have to try the pastourmadopitakia (fillo wraps with pastourma) and the irresistible dish of pancooked pork bits.

Must try

The homemade desserts, prepared daily by Lefteris’s mother ranging from walnut pie with chocolate to apple tart.


Koupa Libre evolves continuously on the matter of coffee and it is only natural... since its team regularly attends special seminars on the subject.

Akropol Vintage cafe

3 Akamantos Str., Athens, Τ. 210 3465543

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

It may have kept the name of its predecessor, with a legendary history at the same location for 21 years, but this brand new hangout offers a breeze of fresh air since last April in this picturesque neighborhood of Thiseio. The imposing neoclassic building on Akamantos street, next to the paved Apostolou Pavlou Street, impresses with its homey atmosphere and its vintage decoration, reminiscent of an old Athenian house. Contributing to this, are the cozy colorful couches, the old fashioned little frames on the walls, the handmade details and the fresh flowers on the vases, all taken care of by the owner Eirini. The Akropol vintal café maintains the charm of an authentic café-tavern, where one can enjoy his/her breakfast, good Greek coffee, juices, homemade lemonade in the morning hours or homemade meze and generous plates during lunch or dinner time, accompanied by ouzo or wine. Plus, the clear preference to Green beers, as well as the list with cold cocktails. Daily 08:00-02:00.


The tables on the square overlooking the Akropolis are particularly preferred during the sunny days as well as the summer nights.

Best seller

The meat platter is a must have.


4 Αrtemissiou Str., Keramikos, Athens, Τ. 210 3412413

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

You only need to search for it… an old Athenian house hidden in a quiet neighborhood far away from the crowded squares. The real face of Keramikos with the old houses resembling the Brazilian favelas is what inspired Dimitris Theodorou, the owner, to create this café-tavern, 3 years ago, with vintage details and industrial design. A meeting point from early in the morning, for casual coffee and and one of the special teas, while from noon serves a menu with delicious Greek recipes. Feta kadaifi, liver with petimezi suryp, chicken skewers with tabbouleh, fennel pie, Simi’s shrimp are only few of the plethoric meze that will accompany your wine or Greek cold beer. The unexpected surprise is hidden at the back, in a beautiful garden, particularly during the evening, which under the starry sky and the aroma of jasmines, it becomes the ideal tranquil place to enjoy a drink or a Greek cocktail under hip music sounds such as jazz, funky, blues and old rock. Daily 10:00-02:00 (14:00-00:00 the kitchen, 13:00-01:00 during weekends).


• Many vegetarian options.

• Sweets of the day.

• Honeyed raki (rakomelo), a specialty with honey from the village.

Klouvi Bar

57 Dimofontos Str. & Kydantidon Str., Ano Petralona, Athens, T. 210 3479998

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

A point of reference for the area, this urban bar has maintained its bohemian character for a decade. This year welcomes us with a renovated colonial atmosphere and exotic details in its decoration and bar. The cage bars at its large glass windows might have been the inspiration for the name of the bar which means “the cage”, nonetheless, we are welcomed into a bright space from early in the morning for good coffee, fresh juices and homemade beverages, while in the evening its loyal patrons enjoy homemade signature cocktails from an updated list, curated by Dimitrios Dimitriou, under the sounds of jazz, funky, soul music. It has tables outside, benches and passo. Daily from 12:00-as late as it gets.


• Stay tuned for the parties and special nights.

• The updated cellar with premium labels.

• Soon, cold dishes will also be served.


35 Troon Str., Petralona, T. 213 0372475

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

Here you will find all you would be looking for from a bar in the city center to turn it into your personal hangout: Unpretentious atmosphere which makes you feel like all its regulars are your own friends, a cozy space which impresses you which is beautiful decoration, the dozens framed memorabilia from Central and Latin America and an atmospheric bar. Plus, another strong suit which makes it unique: the signature cocktails, amongst which also smoked cocktails, which uplift our mood under the sounds of rock, funky, swing and rock ’n’ roll! Daily from 09:30.


Specialized in rare whiskey labels from around the world!

Don't miss

The live acts once every month hosted in its loft.


33 Koilis Str., Athens, Τ. 210 3426453

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

Next to Dexameni Hill, in a quiet neighborhood of Petralona, the brand new Garbes attracts the attention firstly with its name, which in Lithuanian means “honest person”, but also with its style. Upon entering, the gaze is left to wander from the impressive bar with the vintage tiles to the homey atmosphere, reminiscent of an old home: the living room with the comfortable retro couches, the monastery table and the old… library in combination with the antique decorative touches, inspire a nostalgic note. This cozy and friendly hangout is ideal for good coffee, aromatic tea, fresh baguettes and tortillas for the necessary morning energy boost. In the evening, the sweet dim lighting creates the perfect setting for a casual drink or a cool cocktail under the sounds of jazz and soul music. Daily from 08:00 (delivery 08:00-21:00).

Don’t miss

• The regular themed parties.

• The unique snacks: the apple pies, the cereal bars and the brownies.


2 Tsami Karatasou Str., Acropolis, Athens, Τ. 211 4078639

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

Named after the female character of Goethe’s play “The sorrows of Young Werther”, a nostalgic expression of the romance movement, Lotte reminds of a Parisian bistro of Marais. In a location hidden behind the thick foliage of a small park in an urban district with a feeling of an old Athenian neighborhood, actress Theodora Athanassopoulou has created a doll café-bistro, which impresses with its pistachio color and floral little curtains. Although tiny, its bright glass windows let you interact with the patrons who choose to get seated outside. Vintage decoration and antique furniture take you on a journey through the early years of the previous century in an unpretentious way. A shady oasis from early in the morning for good coffee (Mr Rose), tea and herbs (in large variety), fresh beverages or later in the afternoon with amazing pies and homemade sweets by Mrs. Mary. At the evening special drinks, excellent wines and cocktails accompany us. All these under the sounds of jazz and blues tunes from the ’20s to the ’50s. Daily 10:00-02:00.


• More than 30 choices of homemade pies of which the mushroom pie, the red pepper pie and the pumpkin pie are never missing from its blackboard mentioning the specials of the day!

• The homemade sweets of which the carrot cake and the orange cake are the best sellers.

Fabrica tou Efrosinou

34 An. Zinni & 27 Od. Androutsou Str., Athens, Τ. 210 9246354, www.fabricaefrosinou.gr

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

Despite being a... neighborhood restaurant, its reputation has surpassed its narrow boundaries. This is how we found out that Efrosinos is the patron saint of the cooks and that... his Fabrica is operating since 2015 in Koukaki. The space speaks for its industrial past bearing elements of an old coffeeshop. Its mosaic floor, the pistachio color, the marble tables and the shelves filled with local goods are in contrast with its imposing chandeliers! In this Greek bistro you will meet Giorgos Gatsos who takes us on a journey into the Greek traditional cuisine with creative recipes distinguished for their clear aftertaste and the fresh ingredients from the organic market. The beef patty, the Isli Kefte, the Kimalidiko, the Lagoto and the homemade pies are its specialities, while its small card is constantly enriched with dishes of the day. Non smoking. Outdoor tables available. From €20. Daily (except Monday) 13:00-23:00. Fri. & Sat. 12:00-00:00.


• A large variety of fine cheese and sausages from around the country.

• Oenologist and co-owner Athina Tsoli, following a long period of research, has selected exquisite vineyards with native varieties from various wine zones and produces wines representative of their place of origin and her cooperation with the native population over the years. Therefore, the wine list, enriched with other choices also from Greece, is distinguished for its idiosyncratic character.

O Mpampas

53 Falirou Str., Koukaki, Athens, Τ. 215 5505565

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

This authentic hangout in Koukaki, has been introduced to us over the last 4 years as the Greek version of a typical cafébar. A unique space filled with natural light entering through its large glass partitions, combines the best elements of a traditional coffeeshop with modern style. Its interior is frugal and youthful, with Blues Brothers, emerging from a dominating wooden construction, as its trademark. The setting has obviously been prepared with personal care and handmade details. In this urban neighborhood, next to a small green park, we come for breakfast, snacks, coffee and hot drinks, while a small bar food menu mainly suggesting burgers, sandwiches and salads makes a great light lunch. As for the evening, the space turns into a bar gathering its regulars for drinks or for a cocktail, while playing “dark” music, classic rock ’n’ roll and alternative rock. Daily 10:00- 02:00.


• The updated catalogue of beers from small microbreweries and wine by Greek producers. It also functions as a cellar.

• The generous plates, the dishes of the day and its specialty, the Village eyes (fried eggs with French fries).

Don’t miss

• The aperitivo, every Friday with large buffet.

• The successful acoustic live acts.



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